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Visit beautiful Aupouri Peninsular our sub-tropical paradise in the Far North of New Zealand

We the fortunate people who live at this sunlit end of New Zealand welcome you, and look forward to sharing our beautiful and secret places with you.

This splinter of land at the country's northern tip is approximately 100km long. It is sometimes known as Te Hiku o te ika a Maui, the tail of Maui's fish. Steeped in pioneering history and Maori legend the area has great spiritual significance for Maori as the departing place of souls (Te Rerenga Wairua) on their journey to the homeland, Hawaiki. The spirit trail (te ara wairau) to Cape Reinga lies along 90 Mile Beach on the west coast. Starting at Ahipara at the south end of the beach, the departing spirit waits for an outgoing tide before journeying back to Hawaiki. The final plunge into the sea is taken near an underground cave at the cape, where there is a much-photographed tree.

European explorers and traders arrived in the 19th century. They were followed by several thousand-gum diggers. Since then, European settlement has not been extensive. The remoteness and magnificent marine life in the area, together with pristine un-populated beaches make it a favorite tourist destination.

The peninsular was once covered in a massive kauri forest. Some 50,000 to 60,000 years ago it was gradually buried beneath peat swamps and encroaching sand dunes. The ancient wood is recovered from the swamps and used for making ornaments and furniture, and the land is now partly farmed or in horticulture or forested with exotics.

Come and explore our famous 90 Mile Beach, visit legendary Cape Reinga, where the restless Pacific Ocean collides in foaming anger with the Tasman Sea� witnessed only by the lonely Pohutukawa and the departing spirits, and stand on the mighty giant Te Paki Sand Dunes and see for yourself how they can engulf the lands. Experience our unspoiled beaches to swim, snorkel and gather shellfish, take time out to enjoy some of the best fishing waters in the world or hike one of several trails around the Cape Reinga area.

The friendly local hospitality will assure your stay in the real Far North is something special.

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